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This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) covers the requirements for a flexible, lightweight, low pressure, self-extinguishing, integrally heated silicone hose assembly. The hose has a fully fluorinated fluoropolymer inner liner and is primarily intended for use in aircraft potable water systems with an environmental operating temperature range of -65 °F (-54 °C) to +160 °F (+71 °C).
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The purpose of this SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is to standardize locations of aircraft ground service connections to accommodate the trend toward fixed systems, which use the passenger loading bridge as a vehicle for a source of utilities. It must be recognized that, in standardizing the locations of the aircraft service connections, they must continue to be served efficiently in those instances where mobile ground support equipment is used. There is an ever increasing number of fixed installations for aircraft servicing.
Technical Paper
Daisuke Matsuo, Akihiko Haramai, Kazuhiko Sato, Minoru Ueda
The applicability in adverse environment is essential for an injector for engines to use in motorcycles or power products. In view of that, what was considered most important in the development of this product was the applicability in diversifying environment, which was assumed to become even more adverse in the future. Accordingly developed is the injector that is more corrosion-resistant and waterproof. To improve corrosion resistance, an oxide layer is created by the surface reforming referred to as passivation. To attain steady coating, optimum passivation conditions such as the temperature, time and chemical-substance concentration are selected. Thus, the new injector that can cope with a high-alcohol-content fuel has been developed. To improve water-sealing, the double-resin-molding structure is employed in the coil for better adhesion of resin. The choice of optimum molding conditions ensures better sealing.
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