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Barbara J. Peters, George A. Peters
This book is an internationally oriented discussion on how to evaluate products, processes, services and systems. The authors identify key generic safety principles an discuss their applications. Decision-making criteria are also explained, and in-depth information on human simulation, human error control and driver distractions is provided. The book details reconstruction techniques and methods of crash testing, and looks at future vehicle safety and universal design.
Passenger Safety and Convenience Systems is made up of 61 technical papers and articles written in the last decade covering a variety of electronic systems for driver and passenger safety and convenience. Many papers in this book could arguably be considered in both categories because they provide the driver/passenger with multiple functions of safety and convenience. Some examples include keyless entry, security systems, night vision, and more. This book concludes with a chapter on Future Development in Electronically Controlled Body and Safety Systems.
Christopher B. Winkler, Daniel Blower, Robert D. Ervin, Rao M. Chalasani
Rollover accidents are of special concern for commercial vehicle safety. The relatively low roll stability of the commercial truck promotes rollover and contributes to the number of truck accidents and injuries. This Research Report takes an in-depth look at the mechanics and contributing factors to rollover accidents and helps to identify prevention strategies.
Ching-Yao Chan
Fundamentals of Crash Sensing in Automotive Air Bag Systems provides a sound introduction for engineers designing air bag systems, accident reconstructionists, litigation professionals, managers, government employees, and anyone involved with automotive safety. Drawing upon the wisdom of many pioneers in the field, Chan presents a clear explanation of automotive air bag sensors using easy-to-read charts, tables, and figures. The book also includes a glossary of terms, and exercises for further study.
It is the fundamental purpose of this standard to prescribe the functional properties of safety glazing materials in such a manner that they can be used in any place in motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment for which they possess those mechanical or optical properties, or both, that are requisite and appropriate. For example, safety glazing materials for windshields must pass a specified group of test requirements, all of which currently can be met only by certain laminated safety glazing; however, if and when other safety glazing materials are developed which possess properties such that they, too, fulfill the requirements of the prescribed tests for this location, they may also be used; and similar reasoning would apply for other locations.
This publication looks at whiplash from a variety of perspectives. A compendium of technical presentations, Whiplash Injuries is broken into four parts: General Aspects Physiopathology Evaluation and Treatment Published by Springer-Verlag. Distributed by SAE.
This Terminology is a compendium of motor vehicle safety and environmental engineering words and phrases, and their definitions. They have been extracted verbatim from SAE Standards, Recommended practices, and Information Reports.
William J. Lux
Engineers may become involved in litigation for various reasons. Some common examples include product liability and accident investigation cases. The information and suggestions included in An Engineer in the Courtroom will enable engineers to do a proper and professional job when dealing with matters of litigation, in and out of the courtroom. Chapters Cover: Introduction The Nature of Accidents Why Go to Court? Avoiding Litigation The Litigation Process Engineers and Engineering Information How the Engineer Can Help the Attorney The Discovery Process The Deposition The Trial Questions Accident Reconstruction Definitions and Techniques Employed by Attorneys War Stories Tips for the Engineer Involved in Litigation An interesting, informative, "must-read" book for engineers involved in product design, consulting, or accident investigation, and an ideal reference for lawyers to have on hand to give to engineers serving as expert witnesses.
Jeffrey A. Pike
The increasing importance of safety performance in all aspects of motor vehicle design, development, manufacture and marketing makes it necessary for professionals working in these areas to be more aware of safety considerations. The background material and concepts presented in this book will be useful as a basis to aid in the understanding of future developments in this fascinating area.
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