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2017-10-17 ...
  • October 17-26, 2017 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
  • February 19-28, 2018 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
  • April 18-27, 2018 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
  • October 16-25, 2018 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
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Tough times require searching for things that we can change and making them better. But so often problems are solved with 'band-aids' and not root cause solutions. This approach is getting too expensive and at best only helps companies tread water. To combat these issues and adopt a fresh approach, teams can use the methods and tools of Root Cause Problem Solving to first view problems as opportunities for improvement, identify root causes and implement solutions to prevent recurrence. Benefits include improved quality and customer satisfaction, reduced operation costs, and greater employee knowledge of work processes.
2017-12-06 ...
  • December 6, 2017 (2 Sessions) - Live Online
  • February 19-23, 2018 (2 Sessions) - Live Online
  • July 9-10, 2018 (2 Sessions) - Live Online
  • December 17-19, 2018 (2 Sessions) - Live Online
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In a global economy, aviation, space and defense organizations are presented the challenge of producing and delivering safe and reliable products across a wide range of customer requirements and expectations. In an effort to address diverse quality requirements and expectations while also reducing costs throughout the supply chain, the SAE AS9100 family of standards was developed by international aerospace industry representatives to standardize international aerospace quality management system requirements.
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Any product is a collection of materials that have been manipulated into various shapes to form the components and joints used within the product. In fact, up to 70% of the cost to make a product is due to its materials. Therefore, getting the materials right will have a big impact on the success of a product.
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