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This guide is intended to promote safe designs, operations and maintenance on aircraft and ground support oxygen systems. This is also a summary of some work by the ASTM G 4 Committee related to oxygen fire investigations and design concerns to reduce the risk of an oxygen fire. There have been many recent technological advances and additional test data is available for evaluating and controlling combustion hazards in oxygen equipment. Standards that use this new information are rapidly evolving. A guide is needed to assist organizations and persons not completely familiar with this process to provide oxygen systems with minimum risks of combustion. This guide does not necessarily address all the detailed issues and provide all data that will be needed. For a complete analysis, supplemental publications need to be consulted. This guide does discuss the basics of oxygen systems fire hazards. The hazard analysis process is discussed and a simple example to explain this process. Also, this guide does not address the overall system safety issues normally evaluated in aircraft programs.
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Scope is not available.
WIP Standard
This SAE Standard includes spur gear and direct drive type hand-cranked winches as used on boat trailers. This does not include brake type winches as used in boat lift, davit, or industrial applications.
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This SAE Standard includes couplings, hitches, and safety chains used in conjunction with all types of trailers or towed vehicles whose Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) does not exceed 4540 kg (10 000 lb). This includes such types as utility, boat, camping, travel, and special purpose trailers which are normally towed by conventional passenger cars, light-duty commercial vehicles, light trucks, and multipurpose passenger vehicles. This document is intended primarily for ball-and-socket type of couplings and hitches. It should not be construed as a limitation to this type alone but should apply where appropriate to ring-and-pintle, clevis-and-pin, or any other draft means designed to serve this purpose.
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This specification relates to Synchros, 60 and 400 Hz. It is not complete in itself, but shall be used in conjunction with MIL-S-81963, in which the latter shall be recognized as forming an inherent part of this specification. This standard requires a Qualified Products List.
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is intended to provide guidelines to tightening methods and torque values as applied to electrical connectors, related hardware and switches, relays, circuit breakers and A-A-59125 type terminal boards. The connectors and associated hardware discussed herein, are typically manufactured from aluminum alloy, high grade engineering thermoplastics or corrosion resistant steel and typically plated with a protective/conductive coating. These guidelines may be used where no rules have been mandated either contractually or otherwise.
WIP Standard
This document establishes standard gland dimensions for low pressure static radial O-ring seal applications and provides recommendations for modifying these glands in special applications. No provisions are made in this document for anti-extrusion devices. The purpose of this document is to provide the aerospace industry with standardized dimensional criteria for static radial elastomeric O-ring seal glands for a service pressure of 800 psi maximu. This document supplements ARP1231.
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