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2017-11-28 ...
  • November 28-December 1, 2017 (3 Sessions) - Live Online
  • March 6-13, 2018 (3 Sessions) - Live Online
  • November 13-20, 2018 (3 Sessions) - Live Online
Training / Education Online Web Seminars
This web seminar will provide an introduction to the characteristics of sound waves, human perception of sound, sound and vibration measurements, measurement facilities, and various noise sources and noise control principles. It will include an overview of sound pressure, power, intensity, decibels, and frequencies. Practical examples will be used to familiarize participants with the acoustic fundamentals for solving noise and vibration problems and the associated solution principles.
2017-12-04 ...
  • December 4-15, 2017 (6 Sessions) - Live Online
  • June 11-22, 2018 (6 Sessions) - Live Online
  • November 28-December 10, 2018 (6 Sessions) - Live Online
Training / Education Online Web Seminars
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been used by engineers as a design tool in new product development since the early 1990's. Until recently, most FEA applications have been limited to static analysis due to the cost and complexity of advanced types of analyses. Progress in the commercial FEA software and in computing hardware has now made it practical to use advanced types as an everyday design tool of design engineers. In addition, competitive pressures and quality requirements demand a more in-depth understanding of product behavior under real life loading conditions.
2018-01-10 ...
  • January 10-19, 2018 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
  • August 21-30, 2018 (4 Sessions) - Live Online
Training / Education Online Web Seminars
This four-session web seminar provides a detailed understanding of the source – path-receiver relationship for developing appropriate sound package treatments in vehicles, including automobiles, commercial vehicles, and other transportation devices. The course provides a detailed overview of absorption, attenuation (barrier), and damping materials and how to evaluate their performances on material, component, and vehicle level applications. A significant part of this course is the case studies that demonstrate how properly designed sound package materials successfully address vehicle noise issues.
Training / Education Online Web Seminars
This web seminar provides an in-depth overview of diesel engine noise including combustion and mechanical noise sources. In addition, the instructor will discuss a system approach to automotive integration including combining sub-systems and components to achieve overall vehicle noise and vibration goals.
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