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Electronics arms race hots up The automotive supply chain landscape is undergoing huge transformation. Dr. Elmar Dagenhart, chairman of the executive board, Continental AG, explains how his company plans to be right at the forefront Sizing up the down-sizing challenge With the impact of VW's 'Dieselgate' still being felt widely, the Aachen automobile and engine technology Colloquium was particularly pertinent this year. Ian Adcock reports on the most significant technologies and presentations. Double coupe coup! Automotive Design'sIan Adcock reflects on some of the concept cars from 2015 that caught his eye Fuelling a sustainable future What is the best route for the UK to achieve its targeted 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions?
Bringing it all together Ian Adcock catches up with GKN's newly appointed president, Group Technology, Rob Rickell. Graphene Supreme Ian Adcock discovers what role graphene is likely to play in the vehicles of tomorrow. What lies beneath? Automotive Design looks into chassis developments that are designed to ensure local preferences are catered for globally.
Riding on a high Rudi Schurmans and Ben Patel head up Tenneco's suspension and clean air divisions. Ian Adcock discovers what the automotive future holds for them Driverless revolution has begun! Breakthrough Photonic radar promises greater accuracy at lower cost, Ian Adcock discovers Winds of change are here Simulating aerodynamics will make a step-change in vehicle design, as Stephen Remondi, President and CEO of EXA, explains to Ian Adcock
Downsizing: the heat is off Ian Adcock discovers why a material developed in the nuclear industry could prove a real boon for OEMs as they look to downsize engines. Lightweight champions Could an alloy with the strength of steel, but as light as aluminium, prove to be a game changer for the automotive industry? Ian Adcock investigates. Road fatalities: eliminating the human factor In a new series on vehicle safety, Ian Adcock looks at the need for more driver intervention systems.
Green revolution How green can a car plant be? Hugh Hunston travels to Tangiers to discover if Dacia has the answers Stop, thief! Facial recognition could be the answer Manufacturing reformation Additive 3D printing could well revolutionise manufacturing, as Ian Adcock discovers
A shift in the oil mix Tony Lewin speaks with Dr Mathias Woydt of Berlin's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing Wind cheater As OEMs strive for greater vehicle efficiency, subtle changes in aerodynamics can deliver significant rewards, as Ian Adcock discovers
The welding game changer Daniel Jubera of Novelis talks exclusively to Ian Adcock about its new laser weldable aluminium On the supercharge A new variable supercharger from V-Charge could herald a new era of downsized engines. Ian Adcock reports Making the MOST of in-car data Mark Fletcher takes a look at MOST and discovers how it is helping OEMs to keep pace with consumer demands
Safe, green and connected Ian Adcock recently caught up with Delphi's Dr Andrew Brown Jr, its executive director and chief technologist, to discover where the business goes in the immediate future Fusion/Mondeo…one to watch Ford's Fusion, Mondeo in Europe, is the brand's most important car so far this century. Ian Adcock and Paul Horrell report from its launch in Detroit Gearing up for change Tony Lewin reports on the most significant news from the recent CTI symposium
Spotlight on Karl Stracke General Motor's vice president global vehicle engineering talks to Ian Adcock about how GM is revolutionising its engineering strategy Re-engineering the future Ian Adcock goes behind the scenes of Ford's new global platform that will underpin 2.5 million models The connected car Keith Howard investigates the latest trends in internet-enabled infotainment systems
Spotlight on Neville Jackson Ricardo's group technology director discusses powertrain development with Andrew English Charging into the future Electrically-driven superchargers could be a key technology in enabling downsized engines as Ian Adcock discovers The case for CAE Mark Fletcher reports on an advanced virtual dynamics suite
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