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George Nicholas Bullen
Modern aircraft manufacturing involves drilling and countersinking hundreds of thousands to millions of holes. Doing this work by hand accounts for 65% of the cost of airframe assembly, 85% of the quality issues, and 80% of the lost time due to injuries. Automated drilling and countersinking replaces traditional hand methods and involves using numeric control machinery to drill and countersink a finished hole “one shot” (drilling a finished hole without using pilot holes or tool changes). This is a proven cost reducing technology that improves quality where it has been applied successfully. The focus of this book is on automating the process of drilling and countersinking holes during airframe manufacturing.
This 207-page e-book gives unique insight into the cutting-edge technical developments from Honda's worldwide R&D team. The 27 papers included in this volume chronicle the best of Honda's documented technical advancements from October 2009 through April 2010 and cover automotive, motorcycle, power products, and other fundamental technologies. Full-color diagrams complement the text. Title highlights include: Styling Development of the New Model CR-Z Honda Small Hybrid Sports Car Development of the New Honda Techmatic System Development of the New Honda 6-Speed Automatic Transmission for MDX Next Generation Vehicle Safety System Research via Wireless Communication Research in Technology for Simulating Dynamic Behavior of Cam Drive Mechanisms in Single Cylinder Engines Development of NOx Reduction System Based on Exhaust Valve Controls for Use in Small Motorcycle Engines This publication is also conveniently available for purchase in individual chapters.
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